cash and le le golden collar


All Earth friendly Marin Dog Star products are handmade in California. Materials are sourced from around the world. All products have a base of 100% industrial hemp which is a renewable resource. All hemp is prewashed before assembly and is pretty soft but the hemp will continue to get even softer and more comfortable with use.

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1" Collars

Available in regular and custom lengths. 3" available adjustment is standard.

1/2" Collars

Produced in 1" length increments.





Avaiable in any length from 1 foot to 50+ feet. Can be made daisy chainable.

Yoga Straps

Strap the mat to yourself or to something else. Assembled with quick release, adjustable connectors for ease of use. You will find there is plenty of strap to add your wash towel and friction towel for hot classes